Microsoft Edge Getting a New Password Security Feature

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Microsoft has announced a new password security feature for Microsoft Edge as the browser grows across all platforms. The app has previously been able to monitor passwords and notify them when they appear. Thanks to this new update, it can direct users directly to the service’s password change page.

Microsoft Edge Getting a New Password Security Feature

The new feature is currently in beta, with only a handful of sites currently supporting it, but Microsoft says it is working around the clock to provide it all and is expected to roll out in the coming months.

If any of your stored user information has been compromised or needs to be updated due to power outages/reuse on many sites. You will now have the option to update your passwords with one click. Microsoft explains that simply go to the Settings / Passwords page in Microsoft Edge. Also, click Change according to the documentation you want to update.

“This will take you directly to the Account Change Password page. And with the password generator, Microsoft Edge will even create a completely new and strong password for you and save it for your monitoring. Easy updates only a limited number.” There are sites that you have started, but we will work hard to expand this list in the coming months to help you save time and money.

Provided with many supported sites

Microsoft Edge has become one of the most advanced browsers on the market, and the transition to the Chromium engine has allowed it to become a cross-platform application.

Like Google Chrome, Edge is now available not only in Windows 10, but also in Windows 11 and Windows 8, and proprietary versions are also available for Mac and Linux.

The new password security feature will be enabled on all supported platforms, although as mentioned, it only supports a small number of sites before covering a large portion of the Internet.

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