Microsoft Improves the Dark Mode on Windows 10

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While everyone is talking about Windows 11 these days, Windows 10 is still a very popular operating system that Microsoft should continue to polish in the short term. Also, Microsoft Improves the Dark Mode on Windows 10 is because some devices cannot upgrade to Windows 11. Also, using Windows 10 is almost the only option.

Microsoft Improves the Dark Mode on Windows 10 Description

Recently, Microsoft released a small tweak to Windows 10 that should have existed from the beginning: the dark theme now also covers the search interface.

Previously, the search panel, which users could start by clicking on the taskbar. Used the light view mode even when the dark theme was enabled in Windows 10. But as WL found, the search is now dark, so in general, the experience now fits very well with this visual style.

Support for Windows 10 until October 2025

Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 until October 2025. So minor improvements as we talk about today will likely continue on the operating system.

This is because not all devices can be upgraded to Windows 11. So supporting them according to the original calendar is almost the only option.

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For customers who use a computer that is not new, not ready to move to a new device, Windows 10 is a good choice. We will support Windows 10 from October 14, 2025. We recently announced that the next Windows 10 feature update will be available later this year. “Whatever decision you make, we are committed to supporting you and making choices about your computer journey,” Microsoft said.

If your Windows 10 computer cannot manage Windows 11, the only option is to buy a new computer that meets the system requirements. Installing Windows 11 is also possible due to the limitations of Microsoft, although it is possible that you will encounter various problems with the operating system.

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