Win10 All Settings Review

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Windows 10 now has the classic settings and control panel program, which is not necessarily easy for some, especially if they have upgraded from Windows 7. While Microsoft’s long-running program leaves the control panel and switches everything to settings, some users may be confused because they can’t find all the settings in one place, as happened in Windows 7.

Win10 All Settings Review

All of Win10’s settings are a handy app to help you with this while providing quick access to a set of other settings that you simply wouldn’t find in Windows 10.

The entire Win10 settings interface is as simple as using the menu-based interface that you can access from the system tray icon.

If you click on the icon, you’ll get a view of all the work in File Explorer, which includes everything from management tools and date and time options to File Explorer and font settings. On the other hand, left-clicking on the same icon opens the main user interface of the application, which shows all these options in categories that are very easy to navigate.

This time the available categories include Control Panel, Settings, and Management.

There’s also a Windows Accelerated Personalization menu that lets you select the theme you’re using, the application status (on or off), enable or disable transparency, enable color title bars, and the Start menu.

Using this app is something that anyone can do, and you don’t need to know rocket science to find out what the features are. At the same time, it comes with a relatively simple model, and the configuration screen has only very basic options like menu height, control panel view, theme, and automatic start.

In addition, all Win10 settings can also create a status image of God on the desktop, giving you access to all the functions on the device.

The great thing is that this little app works on all versions of Windows 10, including the next version of 2004, except during testing.

bottom line

Not all Win10 settings are one of the applications that include most settings, but it does use a method that is likely to attract the attention of new and powerful users.
The program groups all system options, from settings or control panels, under one roof and makes access to them much easier. The only thing missing is probably the search box to find a particular option faster, but other than that, everything in Windows is in the correct category.

Considering that it stays in the system tray and uses an interface like the context menu, it’s obviously very easy to use, so it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to figure out how to master it. To do.

All Win10 settings work flawlessly even on the latest versions of Windows 10 (20H1 or Spring 2004) and don’t even require installation, so you can copy the executable file to a USB drive and then launch it in Drive Launch. Save. New computer.

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