Unbound: Worlds Apart Review (for PC)

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A dog with a lot of eyes blocking my way, so I move forward, cover him in another world, force him to feel the effects of rotating gravity, and then throw him into some clusters. The problem is solved. After a while, with the help of the same portal from another world, I cross between the lines of poisonous plants and finally sit on the clean ground. It took me only 5 attempts to understand how and when gravity moves to extend this beautiful flight. And this is just a small example of how the portal enters a different world that allows the player to move from an incredible fantasy world: a separate world.

Unbound: Worlds Apart Review Description

This platform was created and released by Alien Pixel Studios. I played it on a computer using Steam, but players can choose it on the Nintendo Switch, apart from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The main character of Soli is a young magician who is desperately trying to save his world from demons who can move between realities using crystal portals. Along the way, he interacts with old but not necessarily ignorant characters and interacts with a cat-like lion, the only survivor of the rest of the world, who wants to guarantee Solomon’s victory. Writing does its job, but I’ve never felt tired of the world, and without the main character and his friends, it never matters to me whether someone survives or not.

The main attraction of Inbound: World of Warcraft is the gameplay, specifically how to use portals to add complexity to the classic platform challenges. Very fast, Sally has the ability to open the bubble around him by touching the tentacles. Within the bubble, other world rules apply, allowing players to reach new areas and deal with enemies.

Soli quickly becomes accustomed to moving the roof and moving underwater. He can also repair operating systems that do not already exist (enemies look the same). The other world can stop at the speed of time and create new possibilities based on what happens outside the bubble. As the game progresses, there are 10 alternative worlds to use with their mechanical changes.

Endless true operating system: The world’s apartments are often good and accurate. Moving in some areas may take one or five times, but the game clearly wants players to show a quick reaction and then enjoy the feeling of solving a challenge in an attempt. There are fast travel options for faster movement between areas, which reduces retreat. But there are also areas where the problem is growing a bit faster. And sometimes I felt the theft through the controls so that Sully got down into an obstacle that killed him while I simply tried to put him on the edge of a safe area.

The developers clearly understand that any headline loss focused on the platform is a frustration for the players. It’s hard to think and then execute parts in games. But the auto-save function is very well implemented and the amount of progress lost in death is small. This means that you can easily try multiple times to leave a more generous title.

Endless: Worlds App has a somewhat good traditional presentation, focusing on the most interesting possible form of the main character.

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