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Blightbound Review has become the best friend of all the sick and tired players of AAA Games who have been following the same path and ideas for the past few years. Instead of a safe game, this innovative publisher collection is bold and sometimes crosses the line between creative and crazy. Is the bullet bound another hidden gem or just a weasel?

Blightbound Review (for PS4) Description

If you could try the game in the first stage of access, you would think you would have an easy answer. In fact, everything is so complex, and bulletproof is a combination of different horrors.

Dark fantasy and some modern game mechanics such as loot or high-level systems. With an almost exclusive focus on combat, with three different styles of play, the result is likely a multiplayer game. If you’re a school veteran, this reminds you a lot about Golden Ax.

But the creators of Bullet Bound were able to create a darker and more hopeless world, where almost all hopes were dashed after the defeat of the great devil of the sun. When the heroes finally defeated Valiant instead of resting and rejoicing, they spread the last trick and plunged the entire kingdom into disaster. A few surviving heroes take refuge at the top of the mountain, from where they carry out attacks around the world attacked by savage demons and mad sects in search of other survivors.

As a multiplayer game, it is difficult to find anyone close to your level for adventure. As a result, developers have added some robots, which you can trust if the number of players is low. AI is the best descriptor of the game, which goes from one extreme to another.

Most of the time, the shoes are as good as the oil machine and you feel extra teeth which helps nothing. But, always at the end of the level, in one important or other place, robots make mistakes and put you in deep trouble, which you just can’t solve.

The worst part is that after training, completing levels with robots is mandatory. When you finally overcome this challenge, the training wheels fail and you can take care of your hero’s abode and decide which missions you will face.

I should visit the forum dedicated to the game and find explanations in the community that work much better in support terms than developers.

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