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Scarlet Nexus Review (for PS5) has on paper, Scarlett Nexus feels that Code Wayne is too cheap, but assumes that older games like the latter will be a big mistake. The Scarlet Knicks have been inspired by many games from different genres, but Code Wayne isn’t one of them.

Scarlet Nexus Review (for PS5) Description

Scarlet Nexus is an anime RPG with an anime art style, which is not surprising considering that it was created by Banda Salt. While I enjoyed playing for more than 40 hours, it was not an easy journey. The walk was completely quiet and most of the moments between missions were severely tiring.

But let’s start with the best part. In Scarlet Nexus, you play Yuto Somragi or Casan Randall, two young men who have just joined the OSF (another oppressive force) and are responsible for defending humans against creatures known to others.

All OSF members have natural powers such as pyruvines, very fast, invisible, and much more. The two main players can use psychotherapy to throw objects and garbage at enemies. Like a control game in a different world. As the game progresses, you can use all the power of your friends to fight you for some great combinations.

The fight in Scarlet Nexus is easy, fluid, fast, and very exciting. How to combine weapon capabilities and attacks is the key to success. Some enemies are weak against certain elements, while others require stealth or high speed. This game gives you all the complexities of the combat system, but only gives you the keys, so you should find the best combinations to implement in specific scenarios.

Although this may seem simple at first glance, there are many meters that you must follow to release destructive groups during battle. You can’t just use your power to harm others because it all has a resource that is full of weapons attacks. Some auxiliary weapons help to rebuild your abilities for faster testing than others, so you want to make sure you use them as much as possible in your combat moves.

At first glance, the Scarlett Nexus is designed in the traditional anime art style but stands one or two degrees above everything else that Bandai Namco has released so far. The music between missions strongly reminds me of the soundtrack to Persona 5. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

This is part of the visual novel that you have to endure if you want to unlock your slow and advanced abilities. Of course, you can always click the “Skip” button, although I don’t suggest providing some interesting information on this part.

Seems perfectly logical in the role. Casey As a result, to get the full story, you have to end the game with both characters. I suggest you start with someone because his story soon reveals important things.

I can’t help but feel that Scarlett Nexus is trying to copy the concept of the visual novel in 13 Centiles: Aegis Rum, a game that focuses more on the story and less on the battle. However, while in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rum you try to get out of the complex battles to get to the story as soon as possible, in Scarlett Nexus you want to do the opposite.

The Scarlett Nexus Review has a powerful combat system, with interesting visuals, excellent sound, and interesting storytelling, yet deprives players of the full entertainment experience. The middle parts are very long and in most cases not very interesting. If you want to get the full picture, you can’t leave them out, but the important parts aren’t so much.

While the plot is really interesting, the way the story is presented to the player is built up and artificially increases the time required to complete the game. There’s also the issue of side searches, which are like finding searches that don’t fit into the story. My theory is that these are only for cup hunters, otherwise, I see no reason for them to do anything. Bonuses are completely useless if you are not looking for platinum, so I strongly recommend that you avoid it.

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