Garden Story Review (for Windows or PC)

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This Garden Story Review (for Windows or PC) has repaired a bridge, destroy some enemies, put some resources in the public box. As I sleep, I am glad that the village needs more protection and I can expect more support from the community. The next day I have three additional tasks, and as I deal with them, I try to collect more coins, improve the original quest, and find ways to improve my combat skills.

Garden Story Review (for Windows or PC)

Garden Story Review (PC) Description

The Garden Story was created by Pictogram and published by Rose City Games. You can install it on your computer using a Steam or Nintendo Switch. The purpose of this title is to capture the classic ideas of role-playing action and bring together relaxed behavior and some exciting world builders.

The story is made up of Concorde, a grape in the world threatened by Root, an evil force. He becomes a quick guard, who can protect his other fruits and vegetables from evil. There are four villages that you can walk on, complete missions, and engage with other characters to get to the root of the evil force and get out of there. The game has good writing and is very light even when dealing with the original effort. The cast doesn’t offer any big surprises, but the dialogue interaction is always funny and sometimes surprising.

When it comes to the action story part of the Garden Story game, it combines combat with detail and adds a solid structure. Concord has a set of original goals and players can quickly and easily get to the next post through them and solve four village problems.

But that’s the wrong way to get closer to the garden story. Travel to your home. See how it can be improved and do the same with the village you are in. Also, see what each character can offer and how to extract the material to save the village or the extra money. See what weapons are available. Learn which areas are rich in which resources. Live in the world and enjoy what it has to offer.

When Concorde completes its three tasks for the day, it must move around the world (escape and exist) and destroy Ruth’s enemies. The health and endurance bar both starts small, and even fighting 3 or 4 opponents can be a low health and endurance problem in the first place. But the main character becomes much stronger just by collecting memories and equipment, and it will be easier to kill in time of need or take less time to destroy enemies. The systems are simple and efficient and interact well with the rest of the world and its characters.

The biggest problem with the game is that the fight is repetitive and never really interesting. And rural missions are highly repetitive, and it makes less sense to you as you organically build a community, and more play out in a less advanced Ubisoft community. It quickly becomes annoying. And the only solution I have found is to play the game for a maximum of 30 minutes, one or two days before the Concord example, to get eight hours of good sleep, to pass the game.

The story of the garden has a good presentation that fits perfectly with the created world. The characters, the locations, even the enemies are all great at using interesting, interesting, colors. The view from top to bottom is sometimes a bit limited, but the world is still fascinating. The soundtrack offers another layer of fascination, with songs welcoming the world but emphasizing the dangers and dangers. I really listen to music even when I’m not actively playing, which rarely happens in games like this.

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