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Hades Review is a near insult to most roguelikes lovers, but the level created by the style gives you the opportunity to try again and be the best after each fatal defeat has its charm. Supergiant Games proved it with Heads, a game that follows the success story of Bastin and Transistor. Is it worth escaping from hell or should you leave from the beginning?

Hades Review

Hades Review Description

Fans of Supergiant games mean that Hades has caught my attention since this announcement. While rogue-light games can test my patience and dedication to video games. Launched last year, the game is not disappointing and has once again proven that developers are good at their skills and can imagine Greek mythology in a way that engages even the most modern audience.

Thus you have to help the son of Hades to escape from the underground. At first just to change the scene, but after trying again and failing he will find deep motivation. It’s an interesting point that takes you deeper into Hades ’home so you can go back and forth to unravel the whole story. Not every attempt will be successful, but each one offers new views, new dialogues. New explanations will eventually make you see the bigger picture.

Unlike Star Renegades, a game that has a lot of capacity and is full of good ideas, but not so smart with details. Other aspects, Heads feels like a game that is very polished.

The combat system tries to incorporate different styles of the game and offers something for everyone. The various weapons abilities, with the blessings of your distant relatives who live on Mount Olympus, pave the way for many possibilities that even transcend the spearhead.

The developers have made the whole game so interesting that even after 50 runs. You will find new details about the story and new reasons to continue. Even arguing between gods and seemingly small details has an exact purpose, which you will realize later when you access new locations, optimization options, or new items. The Zagros journey itself is a reward, every escape attempt seems new and different without you having tried it many times before.

Meeting different gods, unlocking new skills and abilities for your weapons, challenging new ones. Always a reason to go back to the depths of hell and try again. The art style is unique, as it were in the bassinet or transistor, but this time it shows the completeness and attention to detail that Heads puts above these headlines. Combining isometric vision with high-end design means you will never fight the camera, only your opponents.

Like the levels, the combat system constantly amazes you. Even when you think you know the behavior of different opponents, their level of throwing different combinations can still make you successful. Especially on narrow and small surfaces, where limited space is further reduced by traps or hazardous environments. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

As a result, the game is worth a lot of playing. If you want to finish every challenge and discover every detail, you spend more than 100 hours looking at the entire game time. At the same time, it’s a game that can be played at any one time, play or play a few games, then download it. Come back when you feel like you want to try it again.

Hades was one of the best games of 2020, and the current generation version only improves the experience. It doesn’t matter if you have a PS5 or Xbox Series X, Hades is an interesting game, but it’s now available in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. Your performance doesn’t matter which part of the game you are hacking and how many of them are on the screen. Supergiant Games did the same thing technically to the game itself.

My only complaint is that the developers have decided to ignore some of the features of the dual-sense controller. Touch feedback can help greatly differentiate weapons and create another layer of conflict.

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