How To Customize Trojan Stole Data From 3M Windows PC Users

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In this article, we will show How To Customize Trojan Stole Data From 3M Windows PC Users Security analysts have found that hackers obtained sensitive 1.2T data from 3 million users using Trojanized malware that infected more than 3 million computers with Windows.

How To Customize Trojan Stole Data From 3M Windows PC Users

How To Customize Trojan Stole Data From 3M Windows PC Users Description

Unknown malware developers have collected data from more than 3.25 million Windows computers. The data collected includes more than 2 billion cookies and about 26 million documents related to 1.1 million emails.

The virus was spread by malicious players through free programs, including games, a tool to break the Windows operating system license, and even Adobe Photoshop 2018. Another way was to distribute viruses embedded in emails. And then distribute it through spam campaigns.

The virus is very effective because it is rarely seen and cannot be detected while stealing information from users’ computers, regardless of what happens to the identifiers. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of this virus is that it affects images through a computer camera.

What kind of documents has been stolen?

The stolen data set contains more than 650,000 PDF and Word documents, 224,000 JPG images, and more than 696,000 PNG files. While more than half of all stolen documents relate to text files and software logs, this risk arises because some users have a bad habit of storing personal information, passwords, and other personal information in which they contain text files. As you may have noticed, these files were also in the hands of hackers.

The Trojan successfully steals around 26 million login documents from more than one million websites. The stolen documents belong to the users of the website in various categories including online games, online marketing, job search websites, social media, product tools, steaming services, and email services.

About 22% of the 2 billion stolen cookies were still valid at the time of discovery. Cookies may allow hackers to access a user’s online accounts and may help them learn their target interests and habits. The top five websites in terms of stolen cookies are eBay with more than 1.9 million, Walmart with 2.62 million, Gerbeast with 2.11 million, AliExpress with 4.81 million, and Amazon with 3.5 million.

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