How To Install CorelDraw X7 & Use? With 2020 New Features

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Hello to everyone I’m John Cold from, Today I’m going to show you How to download install CorelDRAW X7 with 2020 New Features. Before the installation, you must download CorelDRAW from And then download it, after that you can install the CorelDraw x7, just stay with us for getting your real hope.

Coreldraw x7 how to install

How To Install CorelDRAW X7?

1: First Download Winrar or 7Zip.

Winrar how to download

2: Then You extract your file/Setup (Coreldraw x7).

3: Run the software.

4: You have the option where to install the Coreldraw x7 Application or shortcut.

5: Will you recommended to use partition drive like (C or D) and also more partition.

6: And after installation successful or (finish button).

7: Then run the Application.

8: And after that, you should start the design.

9: What you want on CorelDraw x7 like Logo, Picture draw, Wallpaper drawing and have the ability.

IMPORTANT Notes: if you register the application then your All sections unlocked.
How to Register the Coreldraw x7? The first move to Corel company then buys the serial. All prices of CorelDraw x7 $4.99 Free Shipping on

Buy it now on

How To Use CorelDRAW X7?

If you run the application before the size is very important then start the design. You create the new document or click ctrl+n control Number. What do you want the size like Custom, A4, Web Banner (125×125) and Web Banner (250×250) or Web Banner (728×90) also more size?

You will use for size Inches so important. And after how many Rendering Resolution: like 300 or 1000 and also have numbers. Then click the ” OK ” button. It has a good Menu Up like File, Edit, View, Layout, Object, Effects, bitmaps, Text, Tables, Tools, Window and Help online or offline. It has Upside Menu like Zoon in or Zoom out and Drawing Pen, Squar, Arial, Blend system and anther more.

If you want to draw the image and then click the draw icon and after draw your picture. If you want to shadow your draw click CRTL+F9 Number. And if you do you want one thing eraser click (X button).

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