How to backup and transfer text messages to a new iPhone?

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We will disclose how to move instant messages and iMessages from iPhone to another and mastermind messages in iCloud with the goal that all your instant messages are upheld up in the cloud so you can send it to all your Apple gadgets. Furthermore, we will investigate how to reinforce instant messages on Mac or PC.

How to backup and transfer text messages to a new iPhone

How to backup and transfer text messages to a new iPhone Description

Softcom: Usually, as long as you have a reinforcement of your old iPhone, moving every one of your information, including photographs and messages, to the new iPhone is a simple procedure. We are setting up another telephone here. In this article, you will perceive how you can reinforce all your instant messages so you can send it to your new iPhone, and on the off chance that you have designed your new iPhone so your old instant messages don’t show up in it. What to do – supposing that your messages have enthusiastic worth, not getting to them can be a genuine debacle.

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In the wake of disclosing how to reinforce your messages, we will reveal to you how you can send it to your new iPhone.

You can likewise compose all your instant messages to be shown on the entirety of your Apple gadgets, including your iPad and Mac, just as your iPhone. So in this article, we will likewise disclose to you how to sort out messages in iCloud.

How to back up your text messages on iPhone

The first thing you need to do before launching your new phone is to pick up your old iPhone and make sure you enable Apple Messages in the iCloud service. This is an easy way to back up your messages. So you can sync them with the new iPhone (if you don’t choose to pay the extra iCloud fees that may be required for this service, we’ll talk about another way later).

You can use Apple Messages in the iCloud service to backup all your text messages in the cloud so you can download it to your new iPhone – and keep them synced across all your Apple devices The tools to respond to every message and reply are obvious.

Messaging in iCloud is a feature that comes with iOS 11.4, so you will have to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 11.4 or higher to use it. You can check which version you are working on by going to Settings> General> Software Update.

After activating messages in iCloud, all your messages are stored in the cloud and synced between all your devices, such as your Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Follow these steps to activate Messages in iCloud:

  1. Plugin your iPhone and connect to WiFi.
  2. Go to Settings and click on your Apple ID and then iCloud.
  3. Open messages.

It will probably take a while for all your messages to fill up in the cloud – so you need to stay connected with power and Wi-Fi.

How to back up messages without using iCloud

What if you can’t upgrade your old phone to iOS 11.4 because it’s an older model, or you don’t want to pay for the necessary storage for messages in iCloud? In this case, you can still sync your old messages to the cloud or to your Mac or computer – as long as you back up your old phone, your text messages will also be saved as part of the backup.

  1. Check your old iPhone and make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi.
  2. Go to Settings> Apple ID to find and type your old iPhone to make sure iCloud Backup is on.

How To Back Up Texts iPhone iCloud BackUp

3. You can tap Backup now to create a backup. But before doing so, you should check that the messages section will also be considered as part of this backup.

4. Go to Settings> Apple ID> iCloud to make sure messages are running.

5. In Managing Storage you can see how much your messages are backed up.

How to back up messages using a Mac or PC

Alternatively, you can connect your iPhone to iTunes and back up your Mac or computer.

1. Open iTunes and click on the iPhone icon.

2. Select this computer under Auto Backup. This will save a full backup of your iPhone to your computer. You can download this backup when setting up your new iPhone.

How To iTunes Backup with full helpful

How to transfer messages to a new iPhone

Since you are prepared to dispatch your new iPhone, you have a reinforcement that incorporates every one of your messages.

Simply sync your new iPhone to the most recent reinforcement of your old iPhone. We have a different article on the most proficient method to dispatch another iPhone, yet the means that are generally significant here are:

1. Initiate your new iPhone.

2. Follow the modification steps. Note that in the event that you have just experienced the reset procedure and lost your messages, however, you are currently certain that you have supported up your old messages, you may need to reset and restart your new telephone. Open the Settings application and type General> Reset> Clear All Content and Settings.)

3. When provoked, type iCloud Backup and Reset from Next. (On the off chance that you’ve sponsored up to iCloud, you might be approached to make another reinforcement on your old iPhone – helpful in the event that you haven’t just done as such – when you return with iCloud, it’s another reinforcement has been made with your new iPhone.)

4. Your new telephone will begin downloading everything from the reinforcement including every one of your messages. Anticipate that it should take some time.

On the off chance that you open Messages, you can see the Gmail messages. More messages can occur on the off chance that you look long. In any case, you most likely took care of business right, and you can leave the telephone on for some time to download all the substance.

At last, your new iPhone shows all the messages from your old iPhone alongside the entirety of your applications, photographs, messages, and other application information.

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