FIFA 22 Review (PS5)

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FIFA 22 Review (PS5) has turned into one of the most frightening years in recent decades, and after giving us the choice to stay away from each other for obvious reasons, it has forced world authorities to cancel some of the most anticipated events.

FIFA 22 Review (PS5) Description

While there will not be much difference in health conditions in 2021 in sports in general and football in particular, this year brings much better news. In addition to the 2020 Summer Olympics, which also took place this year, Euro 2020 finally took place in the summer, Italy again won after a 3-2 defeat by England in the penalty shootout.

And there is great news for football fans. FIFA, the most popular football game on the planet, is back with much better news this time around than ever before.

EA has decided to eventually move away from Frostbite, the engine used in FIFA 17, to what is called hyper motion technology. The new gaming engine used especially in new generation consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X is very interesting.

But is that really the case? Let’s find it together

First of all, before we get into the game experience, let’s start with the essentials. In addition to the well-known profession and the ultimate team status that everyone plays, there is great news for those who are not new to FIFA.

Volta, the fashion that first started in FIFA 20, is coming back in this new version, apparently with a lot of improvements. Volta, which still allows you to enjoy the magic of street football, now has a so-called skill vacuum that allows you to perform skill moves or perform different moves while completing various challenges throughout the game. For example, if your skill meter is high enough, one of your goals can reach two goals.

It saves time, and it feels right because otherwise, you can end up achieving goals.

The Ultimate Team is a team that everyone plays in, so don’t worry, there’s still a struggle to make as many coins as possible.

FIFA 22 is still in its infancy, so the transfer market is not necessarily a good place to meet players. For example, if you want to buy a star-like Mbabane, be prepared to spend less money, but that’s not a big difference with lesser-known players, because people around the world still pay very high prices for bronze players. Determines.

And as before, the moment a new SBC is released, the price of players who can help complete it is staggering, and apparently, there is no reason to regulate EA. But on the other hand, it makes it harder for those who don’t want to spend real money to complete SBC, especially since even the cheapest bronze player spends a few thousand coins a night.

Predicting what will happen next and keeping more players in your club seems like the right way to go, but of course, it’s not really an option for non-professional players who want to enjoy it.

The final team is no different than FIFA 21. In my case, all the packages I’ve opened bring out disappointing players, and as the last FIFA, I really don’t know how some people here get Missy, Imbabin, or the very rare player of gold that comes first. In. Had a high cost.

The best I got was Tony Cruz, who has 88 points in FIFA 22 and costs around 12,000 coins at the time of writing. But of course, I got a non-play card, so I couldn’t do much with the cross anyway, especially when I started playing with the English team.

High chemistry is once again the secret to a strong team, so just make sure you don’t end up building your own team using players from different leagues and countries around the world. It’s no different than FIFA 21, so if you’ve already played FUT, you need to know exactly what to do.

Initial release date: September 26, 2021
Series: FIFA
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows
Modes: Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game
Developers: Electronic Arts, EA Vancouver, EA Romania
Publishers: Electronic Arts, EA Sports
Genres: Sports Video Game, Simulation Video Game, Soccer video game, Simulation Game
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