The Procession to Calvary Review (PS4)

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The Procession to Calvary Review (PS4) is as enjoyable as the number of people living in different parts of the world. One of the most influential comedy groups is the original Monte Python, and the calorie processing seems to be highlighted in their patterned comedy style. The mistakes you will find in the games, although politically correct, are of no sanctity to the developer, while the historical and artistic context reinforces a sense of humorous humor.

The Procession to Calvary Review (PS4) Description

If you get upset easily, you should avoid protesting Calvary because this game is meant to undermine some of the serious beliefs we currently believe in. But if you relax even in the most irrational beliefs with an innocent laugh and have a broad view of holiness, you will fall in love with the game created by Joe Richardson.

If you’re familiar with Monte Python, the concept of the game based on the use of Renaissance images as a means of bringing the whole world to life is not exactly original. But it’s interesting to see it implemented in a stereo video game. After launching for PC some time ago, it’s time to console port, a great opportunity to see if Strange Comics can live up to expectations.

The story should be modern, dramatic, and even modern, albeit very short. It all starts with murder and beheading, the main character of the game is the female angel of death who discovers her call in the holy war.

But by moving away from the new regime, Peter means that our hero once again finds himself in what he knows and enjoys, hunts down traitors, and removes all obstacles in his path. After your assigned mission, the game allows you to solve problems the way you are: either you can understand the puzzle and enjoy the journey full of jokes and insulting words, or you can use the sword and Use your kit against any opposition you face. . To

Although the first route is very interesting and long, both options are worth the game. It’s a journey in the mind of someone who isn’t afraid to joke with anything and everything. You will see Jesus today as a street magician and artist, you will meet a woman with a special business sense who sells T-shirts with masked bodies, a souvenir for the whole family, and you will help something. Demons give comfort to their master, or even priests sleep in stone coffins.

The game doesn’t take anything seriously, not even by itself, so you’ll treat divine intervention as a means of imitation. The gameplay itself is very simple, the inventory is really extra because once you get it, you will automatically use every item in the right place. If you have chosen the path of violence, you cannot expect real war. This is the only way to reach your goal faster. The puzzles are very simple and the general appeal of the game is its art style and humor.

If you are familiar with the classic paintings, you will know many works of art on which the game is based. Strange moves are part of the game’s fun and weird visual world, just like the song. Everything is at the service of the developer superhero and is designed to make you laugh and leave the real world behind for hours.

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