Samsung Reportedly Pushes Back Galaxy S22 Pre-Order Kickoff Dates

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The Samsung Reportedly Pushes Back Galaxy S22 Pre-Order Kickoff Dates is expected to open next month, but so far no one knows exactly when the company plans to unveil its unpacked signing event.

Samsung Reportedly Pushes Back Galaxy S22 Pre-Order Kickoff Dates Description

I have heard many times that the Galaxy S22 will see the light of day in the last week of January, but on the other hand, some sources who are familiar with this issue have already said that an event is on the table in early February. .

The reason is very simple: Samsung is also introducing the new Galaxy S 21 FE at CES in the early days of 2022, so the company wants to give the model a very special time in the market. Everyone knows that when the S22 looks daylight, no one talks about past models, so Samsung wants to make sure that the Galaxy S21 FE has a huge impact in terms of sales.

Pre-orders start in early February

The South Korean company has recently decided to recall some key dates of the Galaxy S22, so pre-sale will start on February 9, 2022, according to Apple serial whistleblower John Proser.

Public availability is set for February 25, 2022, and Prosser says it all stems from what has been described as a “critical supply chain issue.”

Needless to say, Samsung has not said anything about introducing the Galaxy S22, so if the company manages to address these issues, the date may change again.

If this calendar is finally used for the Galaxy S22, there is a good chance that the unveiling event will take place in early February, most likely in the first week of the month.

It remains to be seen when the S22 will end up in daylight, but for now, it’s pretty clear that the first Galaxy S21 FE also made the app much more complex than it was initially wanted at Samsung.

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