How to Start a Money Making Blog in 2022

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Looking for a simple, easy guide that will teach you how to start a blog and make money in 2022?

I think you have come to the proper place.

Let‘s get going.

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When you have zero tech history, this is an excellent guideline to check out.

You will find out to set up a blog site and learn the basics in blogging.

I provide you with how to publish a blog page.

First of all, uh

What is a Blog?

An excellent weblog can be an informational website that is updated regularly in reverse chronological order.

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How do bloggers make money blogging?

1. A blog helps you gain clients

If there is no need for a website or any kind of website, you are likely to be unable to build authority and produce yourself inside your field.

People will start recognizing you if you constantly weblog about your expertise.

Your weblog will be your own portfolio.

Let me give you a small example.

I will be a website designer.

It‘s what I did a few years ago.

I routinely publish posts related to website building, plugin installments, lists regarding how to optimize your site, and such.

I’m a professional in website building and somebody who wants to understand how to implement some WordPress plugin stumbles in the best post.

They hire me to create the website rather as compared with the way building it themselves.

Oh, and voila!

I have earned some Website Deals via my site!

So, this can be a secret sauce for bagging clients.

bagging clients
Don’t try escaping. This bag is made of 200GSM paper.

Possessing a weblog not merely enables you to look professional, but additionally enables likely clients to locate you.

A weblog works for any arena!

I am currently an illustrator.

After launching my website and continuing to blog, my email inbox started exploding.

It‘s simple.

Goes like this.

how having a blog gets you clients

2. A blog helps you make money online

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Polly, Molly, and Dolly are developing a blog.

It gives you flexibility.

How can I make money online without working on the lookout for  5 hours a day?

The investment is low, plus the payoff is high.

How can I earn income blogging?

If you wish to start with a blog website, you need to write excellent content.

I am currently building between$ 4000 and$ 5000 a month blogging.

You can read my My Website is 3 Months Old Can I Apply for Adsense here?

3. A blog helps you build a Brand

Much like what I said earlier, your blog will assist you to establish your logo.

That is very crucial in case you need to pave the manner for your personal fulfillment. No matter what you need to be in the future, a blog is an outstanding manner to get eyes to your brand and start an enterprise.

A weblog tells people your story.

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Whether or not you want to sell virtual products like eCourses or eBooks, be called a Speaker, or just make a name for yourself, your blog will assist you to get there.

As you maintain publishing posts that help establish your authority, you may create new opportunities for you your subject of commercial enterprise.

Thanks to my blog, I’ve acquired invitations to speak about my business in my nearby area, and it has only helped set up my logo and enterprise better!

I’ve made endless digital product income, and I’ve got more eyes on my Comics. It’ll simplest pass similarly up from right here.

Do not start an online blog with the sole intention of making money

Beginning a blog is super easy.

However, continuing to blog consistently for a prolonged period is unbelievably tough. It takes time, patience, and a whole lot of grueling.

This is one of the major motives why many bloggers in the end fail.

They enthusiastically begin a blog and churn out blog posts faster than you may say “cheese cracker,” and within some months, there’s not a peep from them.

You forestall receiving their emails.

Their remaining up-to-date blog publishes turned into 3 months in the past.

And you in no way listen from them again.


Because they were just blogging to earn a quick greenback.

They lose interest in blogging whilst the money doesn’t come rolling in ASAP.

The zing is essential, hon, due to the fact the zing is what fuels your writing.

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And in case you don’t have a zing, you don’t stand a risk to make money together with your blog.

Therefore, you should have an ardor for writing and being heard. You must be sturdy-willed and be prepared to study something new each unmarried day.

And most importantly, you should treat your blog as a commercial enterprise from Day 1 earlier than you begin an internet weblog.

Other than that, you require a run a blog niche.

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