Apple Launches iOS 15.2 Release Candidate

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Apple Launches iOS 15.2 Release Candidate has released the first RC version of iOS 15.2, so this indicates that it is the first stable build to produce iPhones near the corner. The RC can now be downloaded by developers, and while Apple hasn’t released iOS 15.2 for everyone, there’s a good chance it’ll happen next week.

Apple Launches iOS 15.2 Release Candidate Overview

New items in iOS 15.2: As expected, iOS 15.2 is a big release with significant improvements and new features.

One of the most notable is the App Privacy Report, which provides users with more information on how to access apps running on their iPhones based on the permissions granted.

“The app’s privacy report in Settings allows you to see how apps can access your location, photos, camera, microphone, contacts, and more, in addition to their network performance over the past seven days,” he said. Cupertino resident tech explains great.

In addition, Apple says the new iOS update also introduces the Apple Music Audio app, which allows users to access music with the help of a digital assistant already installed on their iPhones.

Apple Music Sound Plan is a new subscription line that allows you to access Apple Music tracks, playlists, and stations using Siri. Just Ask Siri offers music based on your listening history and your likes and dislikes. Apple explains that replacing it allows you to access your latest music list.

Many bugs have also been fixed, including for video players that do not load content on the iPhone 13, and calendar events appear on a wrong day for Microsoft Exchange users.

Apple says that with the launch of this update, Find I will be able to find iPhones for up to 5 hours when the device enters power reserve mode.

Direct Download Link